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Lost In My Own World

Living in a dingy world
where paths are all tangled,
I tried to take a hold
of a life that’s been long troubled.

A chaotic world of a thousand dreams
seeking its way, waiting to be seen.
I took a breath and tried to strive
with a heart that hopes to see the light.

For many years, I’ve been in this place
Still, why can’t I find solace?
I am a captive in this dungeon
where only I live alone.

It is an endeavor to find the way
so finally I could be free.
I am lost in my own world;
it’s a story that is yet untold.

Note: These past days, my anxiety and depression was through the roof and because of that, I wasn’t able to focus on writing. I had breakdowns and I was really exhausted — physically, mentally and emotionally. I was drained. And yes, I was suicidal. I am. I always feel like there’s no way for me to get out and find light at the end of this tunnel I am in right now but despite, I choose to continue living. One day, I will have my own story to tell. A story of losing and winning.


Pessimistic daydreamer besotted with pen and unicorns.

11 thoughts on “Lost In My Own World

  1. Ela, the courage you show in this poem is ‘next level’. The strength you have is immense. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but the fact that you come up against all this pain and manage to find away through… That requires incredible strength my dear. So I acknowledge that in this moment 💜

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      1. I have a small request…would you be kind enough to check my blog..its under the name of The Lightening Bug.


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