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I’ll Be Over You

The pain is too heavy
that I can no longer breathe.
My eyes are too blurry
that I can no longer see bliss.
The scar is too vivid
that it reminds me of what
my kind of love is like.
I was livid
with the thought
of you leaving,
But accepting and forgiving
was indeed a much greater feeling.
I won’t hold grudges
for I know it’ll only take me nowhere,
Yet with prayers, this misery
will soon be over.
And wherever I may turn to
I can finally say I’m totally
over you.

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Dear Me

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Dear me,

I’m proud of you for surviving.
I’m proud of you for holding on.
I’m proud of you for still breathing
even when you’re already dead inside.
I’m proud of you for believing
even when you couldn’t see yourself
beyond that moment.
I’m proud of you for being here.
I’m proud of you for still choosing
to believe that God cares even
your situation said otherwise.
I’m proud of you for not giving up.
Don’t you ever give up.

I’m so proud!

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When now is gone
and all that’s left are memories
I pray that I’d still find the reason
to look and smile at the sun.

When the smiles and laughters
turn to sorrow and grief
I pray that I’d have the courage to whisper
that in love, I still believe.

When I no longer feel your excitement
whenever our eyes met
I pray that I wouldn’t feel the resentment
and be brave enough to accept our fate.

When love is no longer there
and all that’s left is a broken soul
I pray that I would find healing in the air
for the things that are out of my control.

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Fight For Life

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Today, I will cry but I will not die
for I still dream of soaring high.

I will weep but it doesn’t mean I give up
For sufferings are not reasons enough.

I will pause and take a rest
Find a courage to win this test.

See the sun shines and birds singing
of hope and life that’s truly amazing.

I guess, I was too much weaker
to fight hard and be braver.

Not today, not anymore
as I realized that in life
there’s so much more
to savor.

P.S. I have been gone for a while due to some personal and health reason. I wrote this one simple piece after what I’ve been going through. I learned a lot from it. I’m glad to be here and writing again. ❤️

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Even The Heart Has Moved On

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Am I right to hold onto the
memories that should
have been long forgotten?

The morning kisses—
just how much I miss.

The late-night cuddles
The late-night walks
and those heart-to-heart talks—
Seriously, I remember all of it
wherever I look.

I try to bury the thought of you
in a hole of hopes and faith
Optimistic about the future and
of my own mysterious fate.

With every step I have to take,
there lies a smile I’m aware is fake.
I stand at our rendezvous,
broken and alone,
even the heart has
already moved on.