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Heal As One

In this whole new ball game for us
where everybody needs to keep distant
and hide behind our masks;
emerge men’s trepidation
amidst our current condition.

This is not just my battle
as it is yours as well.

This is not the time
for selfishness and greed.

This is the time for helping
those who badly need.

We need each other’s hand
In this dilemma, together let’s withstand.
Together, let us heal as one.


Pessimistic daydreamer besotted with pen and unicorns.

6 thoughts on “Heal As One

  1. A truly good post. i also relate so much to ‘introverted’. I too am. it doesn’t mean that we don’t like people or we just want to be within our confines. It only means a much deeper expression of our feelings, albeit in fewer words. A great post

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    1. Hi, thank you! And yes, I agree with that. Being introverted doesn’t mean we are anti-social but for somebody like me who suffers from social anxiety, it’s a great struggle for me to go out and socialize.

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      1. I have also suffered from it. i would freeze when i had to meet new people or go to a social event. No one would understand. It took me years to get out of it. The first time gave a speech, I almost had a heart attack. It requires empathy and understanding which someone who has gone through it can have. It wasn’t my fault that i would feel anxious.
        You’re a marvellous person. Will always be.

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