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Even The Heart Has Moved On

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Am I right to hold onto the
memories that should
have been long forgotten?

The morning kisses—
just how much I miss.

The late-night cuddles
The late-night walks
and those heart-to-heart talks—
Seriously, I remember all of it
wherever I look.

I try to bury the thought of you
in a hole of hopes and faith
Optimistic about the future and
of my own mysterious fate.

With every step I have to take,
there lies a smile I’m aware is fake.
I stand at our rendezvous,
broken and alone,
even the heart has
already moved on.

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A Dance To Remember

As the song starts playing
so as my heartbeats racing
— oh, such a delightful feeling!

As I take your hand and rest it on my chest,
Never have you showed any protest.

I gaze at you in awe;
You look ravishing in that
dress of blue.

Our bodies sway along with the song;
I can tell where my heart entirely belongs.

The touch of your skin
makes my heart quiver.
The scent of your hair
in my mind will forever linger.

As the night gets deeper,
the song plays slower
and this to me will take
a lifetime to remember.

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Forever, My Beloved

A promise of eternal love —

a love that’s sent from heaven above.

Beyond measure, I truly care

A kind of love beyond compare.

I’ll bear the pain and set aside

the worries and fears I have inside.

For I know my love will never fade

even the years turn to decades.

We took a vow for us to keep forever

Each glorious moment let us savor

Heaven and earth to our love disapproved

To me, you are forever, my beloved.

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Heal As One

In this whole new ball game for us
where everybody needs to keep distant
and hide behind our masks;
emerge men’s trepidation
amidst our current condition.

This is not just my battle
as it is yours as well.

This is not the time
for selfishness and greed.

This is the time for helping
those who badly need.

We need each other’s hand
In this dilemma, together let’s withstand.
Together, let us heal as one.

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Dying Inside

I was hurting, bleeding inside
This affliction within won’t subside.

I tried to pretend
no one does comprehend.

My favorite line is “I’m Okay”
yet, nobody discerns what I mean to say.

I smile.
I laugh.

Sure, they didn’t descry
how vanquished I am inside.

When will they ever glimpse
the reality behind my spurious smiles?

Have they not perceived
that I’m slowly dying inside?