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In Vain

My heart flutters with every thought of you. 
As it beats, my mind is with you.
Through the darkness of the night
a realization comes to life;
that my dream would somehow end
and everything will be in vain.

I love you, and it's in vain.
The touch, the warmth of your breath;
I can feel it, but I know it's in vain.
The moments I dream about you
gazing at the stars while holding you;
clearly to me will end in vain.

Tears start to drop from my eyes
when I finally come to realize
that my idea of "You and I"
will slowly fades away with time.
For I know someone else right there
will own your heart and soul
while mine will suffer in vain.


Pessimistic daydreamer besotted with pen and unicorns.

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