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I’ll Be Over You

The pain is too heavy
that I can no longer breathe.
My eyes are too blurry
that I can no longer see bliss.
The scar is too vivid
that it reminds me of what
my kind of love is like.
I was livid
with the thought
of you leaving,
But accepting and forgiving
was indeed a much greater feeling.
I won’t hold grudges
for I know it’ll only take me nowhere,
Yet with prayers, this misery
will soon be over.
And wherever I may turn to
I can finally say I’m totally
over you.

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She was just patiently waiting.
She was just silently praying.
Never in her wildest dreams,
she thought she’d meet a guy like you.
She looked at you with pure innocence;
You looked at her with betrayal
with those tantalizing eyes.
She didn’t even notice
how fictitious those looks were;
She somehow felt
something deep in her arises.
It was bizarre she knew it,
yet she trusted it anyway.
That’s how ingenuous
she was in all ways.

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I’ll See You Again

I'll see you again when the sun comes out in the morning 
like nothing has happened and I wasn't crying.
I'll see you again when the rainbow shows up after the rain
as if it is telling me to throw away all the pain.
I'll see you again when I'm done whispering to the moon
that I will be able to forget you soon.
I'll see you again when I hear the songs play
and it already means nothing to me.

I'll see you again when that day comes
and I can see that smile again on my face
and thinking about you doesn't make my heartbeats race.
I'll see you again when I see a shooting star
and not wishing to have you in my arms.
I'll see you again when the evening comes
and I'm not crying at 3 A.M.
I'll see you again when my heart still remembers you
but never recognizes this feeling I once had for you.
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In Vain

My heart flutters with every thought of you. 
As it beats, my mind is with you.
Through the darkness of the night
a realization comes to life;
that my dream would somehow end
and everything will be in vain.

I love you, and it's in vain.
The touch, the warmth of your breath;
I can feel it, but I know it's in vain.
The moments I dream about you
gazing at the stars while holding you;
clearly to me will end in vain.

Tears start to drop from my eyes
when I finally come to realize
that my idea of "You and I"
will slowly fades away with time.
For I know someone else right there
will own your heart and soul
while mine will suffer in vain.