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I Never Had You Still, I Miss You

I still look at your pictures
I still remember your face
I can still remember
how sweet your voice is.
I can still hear you singing
the song that I loved to listen.
We didn’t have numbers to celebrate
or places to go for a date
still, I’m missing you so bad.
Could anyone understand
how to miss a person
they never had,
but it seems that they had?
If I could just go back to that day
I should have made you stay.

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Take Me

I miss you every night and day 
that being with you is what I always pray.
I miss every hug and kiss we used to share;
Oh, I wish this feeling I could spare.

Please, take me wherever you may be
to a place where there's only you and me.
Together let us witness winter and spring;
cherish the love, the most precious thing.

Please, take me to another world
where this hand of mine, only you can hold.
I'm tired of waking up with swollen eyes;
so please, baby, take me to your paradise.