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If Only…

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If only I could turn back time
I would have made you mine.

If only I was tough enough
I’d be probably watching you laugh.

If only I was not a coward
Maybe, we’d be traveling together
and laughing hard.

But this human here wasn’t exactly
the man you expected.
So you see, I left you when
you were most in need.

I buried the love in the
deepest of my heart
Watched you walk away
in tears, I know you were hurt.

If only I was that brave
as you are
Maybe, ours would be the
best love story by far.

Note: This is inspired by a true to life story of a male friend of mine who requested me to write a poem for him. He was in love, and still in love with the same girl who happened to be his best friend yet, he was scared to tell her that he loved her and decided to go and distance himself from her despite being aware that the girl also felt the same for him. The fear of getting the friendship ruined reign over him. Little did he know that it was already too late to save both the friendship and the feelings.


Pessimistic daydreamer besotted with pen and unicorns.

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